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Signing of Agreement to Build a Happy Korea for the Elderly in the Age of Centenarians

  • Date 2024-01-19
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KIHASA and several other organizations have agreed to work together to build a happy Korea for the elderly in the age of centenarians by signing a multilateral agreement at the conference hall of the Korea Association of Senior Welfare Centers on Wednesday, January 17, at 2:00 p.m. The signatories include KIHASA, the Korean Gerontological Society, the Korean Society of Gerontological Social Welfare, the Korea Labor Force Development Institute for the Aged, the Korea Association of Senior Welfare Centers, and the Korea Development Institute for Self-Support Welfare.

This agreement marks an initial step for the six organizations, all sharing the commitment to creating a Korea where the rights to basic living and the provision of social care are ensured for older persons in the era of centenarians, in their efforts together to form a cooperative network for policy development and implementation, as well as joint organization of academic events and other activities, for a well-prepared future for the elderly.